Keven Furiya

Keven Furiya-Red Warehouse

New Works

 May 11 – June 4

Keven Furiya has been creating art in Seattle for more than 15 years. Furiya’s work displays the tapestry of geometric shapes, colors, and textures that surround us in our environment– whether it is in the city, country, or indoors. He finds order within the welter of visual experience.
As vivid reflections that translate the essential characteristics of a subject, Furiya’s plein air watercolors and oil paintings encourage observers to complete the paintings with their minds, thereby engaging the observer in internal dialogue and establishing a rewarding reciprocity with every composition.
This current series includes several cityscapes from Seattle and his hometown in Indiana. Many of the subjects of the Seattle paintings no longer exist due to the recent urban growth even though the pieces were done in the last couple of years.