David DeVleeschouwer

Abstract Paintings

┬áMarch 9 – April 13

David DeVleeschouwer’s abstract paintings are expressive and thoroughly grounded in art history. His restrained exuberance builds up through layers of washes, creating tension and an intricate sense of rhythm. The resulting images are simple and powerful. In some of his work this energy spills over into three dimensions, interacting with sculptural elements.

David DeVleeschouwer studied art at the College for Creative Studies (called the Society of Arts & Crafts during his attendance) and at Wayne State University in Detroit. His father taught art in the public schools, giving DeVleeschouwer free access to the Detroit Institute of Arts on Saturdays. Before graduating, he moved to New York City, where he lived in a loft on 6th Ave which had been the home and studio of artist Edward Dugmore. In NYC, he silkscreened t-shirts on 42nd St, did print and production art freelance, and eventually opened a gallery in the Village featuring early 20th century American art & crafts. He has now been a Seattle resident for more than 20 years.