New work by Tracy Lang — “Talisman” Opening June 9th through July 10th

Dendroica Gallery presents “Talisman” – new work by Tracy Lang, a Bainbridge Island-based artist. Her in-depth study of the world surrounding her is exposed in these richly layered two-dimensional works, which integrate the modern technology of digital printing with the ancient technology of the woodcut.
Boldly drawn lines mingle with the fascination of decay in Lang’s work. Known for her muscular, large-format woodcuts and sophisticated compositional eye, her current work is a step into a different dimension. She takes pictures of the world around her and prints them digitally. She then transfers the laser ink to wood panel, creating a gridded pattern as a base for traditional woodcut print.

Tracy has been a force in the local art scene since 1994, facilitating the work of other artists while deepening her own practice. She has shown widely throughout the region, including a solo show, “Tsunami Papers,” at Bainbridge Island Museum of Art in 2013. She has also shown in select venues farther afield, including New York City.