Martha Dunham

Martha Dunham at Dendroica Gallery

Martha Dunham sees animals with the trained eyes of a professional biologist. As wild animals are seen only in glimpses as they move through heavy cover, so do Dunham’s wire sculptures appear to complete themselves through movement.
Dunham’s wire work is often done directly, with a seat-of-the-pants engineering based loosely on the animal’s skeletal structure underneath the outside envelope.
Dunham also may make marks on paper or on material before creating the final sculpture. The marks on paper presented here are a sculptor’s explorations into three-dimensional space, translated onto the flat page. They leave a record of the space between two and three dimensions — a fractional space where relationships can come into focus.

Exploratory Line: Moving Target

 July 13 – August 6

Dendroica Gallery presents “Exploratory Line: Moving Target” – new and older work by Martha Dunham

Martha Dunham will show recent work inspired by conversations in the local art scene. Renowned for her pioneering study of territorial behavior, Dunham produces sculpture that balances in the moment, fragile-appearing yet durable.

“The pace of artistic conversation is different on different levels. This installation explores the space between levels and opens the door to further levels of conversation.”

Dunham has exhibited in New York City; Silver Spring, Maryland; Tampa, Florida; Blaine, Bellingham and Seattle, Washington. Her sculpture is in the permanent collection of the Jewish Community Center in Tucson, Arizona as well as in private collections in the States and abroad.