Ulrich Pakker

Ulrich Pakker at Dendroica Gallery

Ulrich Pakker, Sculptor

Ulrich Pakker has been selected to Biennale Architettura 2018 in Venice, 26 May – 25 November.
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Pakker won a UNESCO award for his sculpture “Breaking Earth’s Bond” in Huntsville, Alabama, near Redstone Arsenal.

For Ulrich Pakker, “It all comes down to my choice of elements. Chemical elements. Elements of style. Fundamental, essential, irreducible components begin the process. Points become lines, lines stretch into surfaces, and in that 4th dimension, surfaces endure through time. For years now, I have been infatuated with elements in stainless steel, that delicate mix of iron, chromium, nickel, and for that je ne sais quoi, molybdenum. Once fired up, I spin the metal, melt it, join it, grind it, weld it together in the heat of passion to creat something bigger than just the two of us. 
It is time to let the luscious curvilinearity sparkle. The reflections, the shine of stainless are hard to resist. It is my search for the smooth, hard curve, the shapely silhouette, and the swirling finish that drives me to find the sculptural endgame. The pursuit of the perfect shape joined to the perfect line tantalizes my dreams and then produces only the next best thing, the penultimate goal. All of this germinates, grows and evolves in the privacy of my studio, and then I set it free because it has grown too big to hold in my arms.”